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ive got the goods, ive got the vodka! [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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(no subject) [Feb. 20th, 2005|10:17 pm]
this is friends only now, its hell of a lot easier that way.
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bed is the only place to be.... [Dec. 6th, 2004|08:42 pm]
[mood |sleepysleepy]
[music |foos- the one]


im knackered! crazy long days at gettin up @ 6am! bloody hell! i leave the house wen its still dark!! its jst wrong. keep bein really cranky wen i come home for some reason too, duno y! oops! jst tiredness i guess.

was a long day today having to get all the wages done by 4pm! deadlines suck! i havent been fully trained yet so half the stuff im guessin cz my boss is an ass and doesnt train me! everyone else is well nice! o well.

got so much shit to do this wk! i cant be assed! need to find the time to go into glasgow at some point to get a top and shoes for the nite out, get a present for the secret santa at wrk! im goin out on wed nite, my mate elaine is takin me to the pub where campbell the fitness chef goes so woo! mite actually say more than one word to him! its strange, wen i like someone i get all shy and dont know wot to say but wen they're my mates, i wont shut up! he was chattin in wrk yesterday to this funny guy called gary, he calls me half shifty! lovely! and he was sayin o yeh iron maiden and metallica rock man! im like no, no really they dont! they suck! but i think he likes guns tho which rocks! and i went into the kitchen the other day, jimmy eat world were on! i was jst stood there, it was well busy in the restaurant too, im there yyyyeessss!! oops! made £55 in tips for the past 3 nites ive wrked! woooo! get paid from my new job tomoz too, cant believe ive been there for 3 weeks already! its ok living here now but i still wanna come home, its jst not the same, no matter how many ppl i meet.

comin home 3 weeks today! yey! my sister, darren and poppylicious r movin to lower darwen in bt 2 weeks, so we'll jst be stayin with them. think my parents r comin back here before the new yr, but im stayin till the 3rd or 4th of jan. decided def gettin my new tattoo wen we go manc, i well want it! its a blue leo tribal sign on my lower back, i love it! tattoos r like pringles, once u pop u cant stop! wooo!!

time for bed, im well knacked and have the worst headache!

ciao for now xxxx
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time for a new cocktail..... [Dec. 4th, 2004|03:21 pm]
[mood |crazycrazy]
[music |strokes- last night]


woo, this song really is pelvy! im sat here on the chair swhwwwinging!! random!!

had my first friday nite off in ages last nite!! woowoo! was the best! i like to jst sit and do nothin! actually was sat on here chattin to duncan!! he is quite random! decided to ask me bt rach's ass the other nite askin me if i thought it was nice! im like noo duncan no no!! never ask me these things, shes my mate! was chattin to munky too for a bit! random, havent chatted to him in ages. strange!

just been workin really, but i went into glasgow on thur nite to change some tops i got from h&m and i ran into ppl i went to st augustines with!! pure random! they're both at glasgow uni, so we're gonna meet up and go to the cathouse! its well good, like rock world but in glasgow! such a small world! aww that was a well good day, i saw the ultimate tom delonge fitness yyyesssss! i was comin down the esculator in buchannan galleries (big shoppin centre) and he was at the bottom, had a sicko gf tho! y do all fitnesses go out wi mingin gurlz?!! its a conspirecy! he looked at me tho, (i think!) yyyeeessssssss!! want a fitness like that mmmm surf dude!! he will be mine!!

its my works nite out on fri! im quite excited cz i get to go to the garage afterwards wi my friend leeann and pelv and look for fitnesses! need to get new shoes and a top for it! gona go to office, they've got some well nice shoes, but i miss my converse! coz i have to wear shoes to wrk, so got these stiletto things that kill my feet! gettin some new converse and jeans for crimbo yey!! comfortable! feels well weird bein in shoes all the time, i even wore a skirt the other day! its well good, from h&m, 50s style and it swhwings to the max wen u twirl! so its my schwwwing skirt! well salsa!

made an appointment to get my hair done on thur nite too! so it will be all new and red for new yr! its gona be highlites, dark and a lighter red and then dark brown, and gettin it razored a bit for the ultimate new yr flick!

chatted to paul last nite for the first time in ages! me, shivvy n rach r gona go up to his wen i come home, for many a chats, vodka and truth or dare!!! was well funny the last time we went up!

dont think amanda and aaron r comin out for new yr coz its their 2 yr anniversary, im well sad coz i wanted them to come out for the tradition!! want everyone to come out for old times sake! no doubt gaz will be stayin in adelphi coz he hates cellar, but i wana see chino and duffy too! duno wot their doin, im gona text duffy i think!

well gotta go for a shower, wrkin tonite snooore!!

bye bye xxxx
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woowoo!! [Dec. 1st, 2004|07:09 pm]
[mood |refreshedrefreshed]
[music |goldfinger- 99 red balloons]


havent written in this for a bit!! jst got broadband, it rocks!

jst been wrking really! its become very shit and boring! but its quite funny coz we jst sit and take the piss all day. so not too bad!! quit my job at dumbuck tho, coz cant be assed wi 2 jobs, want wkends and long lies!! itll be rite.

the house thing fell thru, i was a bit upset but it doesnt matter coz id rather save up enough to rent my own place and then look for a roomate. Shivvy's the likely person coz we've been plannin on living together for bout a yr and its gona happen! will be well good, candles, romantic novels and brews! woo!

woo for new yr!! im comin home on the 27th! stayin till 3rd Jan or sumat! aww chatted to rach on the fone the other nite and we made a list of stuff we're gonna do on new yr!! literally times and beverages!! even know wot im wearing haha!! gona buy mistletoe and take it out, so wen we see fitnesses, swing it out!! was having chats wi shivvy and were sayin that its time to get wi someone! i got wi chris last time and that was like 2 months ago!! bloody hell! but hheeeyyy thats wot new yrs for yyyyeeessssss!!!! haha i sound like a rite slut, but its rite!! mmmmm punk and surf dude! they better be out! and dudelicous, tyler, hook dude! all of them!! for the fantasy!!!(rach rahahaha!!).

im well excited to come home, realy miss everyone, aww esp chris!! haha. crazed. get to pelv to the max!!

well gona go and check emails then an early nite! need to b at wrk for bt 8am!!! ahhh!!

byeeee xxxx
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many an envelope...... [Nov. 24th, 2004|11:56 am]
[mood |sleepysleepy]
[music |nofx- bob]


wooo its been a looong week!

this new job really is an insanity, no pun intended!! im knackered. its quite funny tho coz the ppl i wrk with r well funny. its quite a bitchy office!! jst tryin to stay out of it tho coz i cant be assed. it is cool wrkin in glasgow coz ive always wanted to do that, but i still wanna move bk, that hasnt changed my mind! i knew it wudnt!! (much to my parents disappointment! diddums!!) for the past 3 days, ive been filing, putting letters in envelopes and today was my first day on the computer! they really took their time putting me on their system!! its quite boring, but its money!! god, this is pathetic, i was sat in the canteen wi 2 gurlz from my department and i saw this whole table staring over at us. I was gettin well paranoid coz they were so obviously talkin bout us. there was a bunch of older women and this young girl, who looks bitchy and ever since i started shes always staring at me. but found out today she was talkin bout me, sayin i looked like a porcelain doll! u know as u do! the gurlz in my department were sayin shes prob afraid of the competition!! as if!! first theres no fitnesses whatsoever in the place and i look like shit! so i dont get it and i cant be assed!! but they're hiring a new person in our team so the gurl whos interviewing guys is on strict instructions to hire a fitness!!!!

cudnt believe it wen my boss sed im wrkin on new yrs eve!! but managed to get 30th and 31st off coz im comin home for new yr (and maybe christmas) get to see nic and poppylicious and come out! yey! that reminds me, need to text tilly, damn having no credit!!!

wrkin alllll wkend!!!! its shit! get paid on the 7th dec i think and then weekly wi dumbuck hotel so shud have enough money. im knacked, goin to bed soon!!

update in a bit byeee xxxx.
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random [Nov. 21st, 2004|07:50 pm]
[mood |confusedconfused]
[music |aerosmith- crazy]

im fuckin knackered, literally wrked all wkend and am close to dying haha. Oh well money will do me good! i made £30 in tips this whole wkend woo! it pays to be nice to ppl! haha see rach, i am nice! sometimes :D that reminds me, need to email her, many a thing to say. woo! random observation!

im well excited coz ive found a house!! its sorted, ive been lookin for months, but now is the time woo!! i was on the bus on thur nite goin bk to chatburn and i met my mate tilly who i havent seen in months, shes jst split up wi her boyf and has a spare room yey!! she sez her house is realy nice, with 2 bedrooms, and laminate flooring! woowoo! quite cheap too. will see it wen im next home. but we've texted and everythings pretty much sorted, coz everythings in her name so we're gona half the rent and the bills. gona be moving in around end of feb/beginning of march time!! top me up babay!! been chattin to aaron bout house parties, the only rules are, kenny, no beetroot and no naked dancing please!! woohoo no parents! im so ready to move outta here, after living at my sisters for a while and having that independence, will be the best agen!!

i found out some stuff bout harley, was quite bothered bout it but now im not! cz i know that things were well over after i moved, maybe even before and that we were completely wrong for each other. he likes to be married to ppl and i cant be assed. so there then end.

havin many a random convos wi chris!! he scares me! nehoo, im pure random this evening, this doesnt really make sense. start new job tomoz, boooriinnggg, i cant be assed ha, tharts the rite attitude!!

oook, gona go and have a bath,
byyeee xxx
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many a story...... [Nov. 20th, 2004|12:28 am]
[mood |exhaustedexhausted]
[music |bon jovi- always]

there really r 20 stories, i cant remember all of them!
erm, the baby is fine, shes completely gorgeous, perfect in every way! shes a little ginger lookin tho which is not too good! hopefully, this will change! i fed her and everything! she likes to eat every 5 seconds and has a lovely party trick of shitting, peeing and bein sick all at the same time! wot a talent! haha, bless her. Y is it wen a baby burps ppl r like awww, but wen a human does it, ppl r sick! i dont get it!
we got to the cottage at like 7ish i think and then went straight to nic's, and saw Poppy or Poopy is suited better!
So then sat, haha well! Rach asked me y i was so late?! i dont know! my dad drove me to the twins at bt 815ish and then had to drop my brother off, i got well mad! got to the twins at 9 and then joined in on many a vodka! Its well good coz whenever i havent seen the twins for ages, it still feels like i only saw them the day before or sumat! anyhoo, got to Adelphi and saw Gazareth, aww i well miss Gaz, he rings me in the day and we end up chatting for bout 2 hours jst bout random shit, hes like a woman haha! he will kill me if he reads this! so then got to cellar at bt 11 i think, was quite drunk by this time! went to the bar and saw harley for the first time since we had that massive gay ass fight. I jst ignored him, haha oops! So then went and sat wi shivvy, rach, duncan and adam outside. I was well cold then so went inside to the loo. Ended up chattin to random ppl, i think it was fb rach! altho now shes called ass face coz she looks like an ass! then rang harley, was on the fone for bt 40 mins, cant actually remember wot we talked about, didnt argue for a change! i dont even know y i rang him, vodka does crazy things to u. so then found the twins and ddnt realise id been away for like an hour. Then ended up chattin to someone who knew a lot more than i did and found out some random shit that was so fucked up! so found the twins agen after like 2 hours and then it was time to go home! so all in all was a shit nite. sunday wasnt much better, found out i had a job interview in glasgow. I got well mad coz that meant i had to go up on monday nite. I had a bad crying fit bout everything, not wanting to go bk up the road, how its ruined everything blah blah, then my dad was nice for a change and supportive and persuaded me to go for the interview, he drove me and everything! the interview went well and i got the job! so it payed off in the end! good quality wage. woo! erm, jst stayed at my sisters on wed then went for tea wi my mum at the emporium, she got pissed! haha and she was convinced the gay waiter fancied me! erm, noooo! then went to tesco and saw amanda, chatted for a bit but it was late so we had to go, see her more the next time im home.
Thursday was well good! met shivvy in bburn and bought a new top from reef! its for new yrs eve, i love it! its a blue motel boob tube with baby penguins! i have many a top with animals on them now! yyyeeesss! so yeh me and shivvy went cellar for brews. But she ddnt have ne and i did mmmm! then a peach schnapps for good measure. Shivvys there wi the jds haha. Was meeting chris at nite for beverages and chats. So managed to persuade shivvy to come out! so we rang duncan and then all met in napier at 10pmish. Had many a chat with duncan haha, wen shivvy came out, she brought gaz! i was well excited! coz he hates bburn and he came out to see me bless! then chris came wi his band! i got to play drums! was well good, ddnt think i did too badly considering it was my first time rahaha! chris gave me a drum stick woooo! I well miss chris, havent seen him since i was last down and the "incident" happened haha! i thought it wud be well awkward but it wasnt! we got on realy well and have done for ages now, jst never know we're we stand wi each other!! many a randomness happens! nehoo, the end of that cz he'll swing for me hahaha. So the nite was really good, i wasnt drunk! harley was there, think he was on a date wi fb, was quite random. He came over to me, and chatted and i was like erm yeh coz i ddnt know wot to say! dont have nething left to say to him so felt well awkward! he left wi her so im thinking he got wi her or summat. who gives a shit, he can mess about wi whoever he likes, even if they r sick! haha duncan gave us a lift back last nite, was ages out his way oops!!! so all in all, was a good nite.
Today came bk, was really emotional sayin bye to my sister and poppy. =( will see them soon. Then got bk and had to wrk at 5 till 11! it was funny tho coz theres a realy cute chef called cambell, and everytime i walk into the kitchen im like tryin hard not to catch his eye! but did tonite woooo! my god this entry is too long, soz much has happened. haha! goin to bed now, im fuckin exhausted, its been a hell of a week. Bye d byee xx
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if tomorrow never comes.... [Nov. 11th, 2004|04:43 pm]
[mood |calmcalm]
[music |def leppard]

just had a fone call from my sister's boyfriend, mummy and baby are fine, Poppy even threw up on Darren haha! wot a nice welcome! bless her. b home tomoz at tea time, then goin straight to see Nic and her babylicious. cant wait.
cant wait for the wkend its gona be the best! gona be on the floor before we leave the twins house! goin to adelphi before bburn to see gaz, hopefully duffy and the lush tanned chino yyyesss! haha, i may die if he reads this raha!
nehoo, i gotta go and pack and then eat, im starvacious! wont update for a bit, coz have no net at the cottage, diddums!!!!
Ciao xx
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cocktails and babies!! [Nov. 10th, 2004|10:20 pm]
[mood |bouncybouncy]
[music |hot hot heat- bandages]

woowoo, my sister had her baby today! Little gurl weighed 7 pounds 6!! shes a week late, lazy buggar! bless her! she has auburn hair, typical that i have to pay to get red in my hair and shes got it naturally! called her Poppy, i can sense she will suit it! cant wait to see her, my niece! thats well weird, im not even 20! been a crazy day, literally been awake since 7am waiting on the fone to rring nooo! it was worth it tho!
goin home on fri, booked a cottage for a week and had to ring wrk agen, but its rite coz they're cool about it, jst need to b bk for fri nite coz im wrkin over the wkend!
haha, my mum put a bottle of champagne in the freezer and she sed we'll toast the baby's head and i was like wot does that mean? and she sed have a drink on her (many a rach moments in this house!) and then i was like woo, ill have many for her on sat! she gave me a posh bottle of champagne to take to the twins too! random! can cheers posh!
well gona go to bed, got loads of shit to do before goin home plus a ride on a boat we mite be buying random! shud be interesting!!
laters xx
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homeward bound! [Nov. 9th, 2004|10:22 pm]
[mood |anxiousanxious]
[music |ill nino - with you]

hellooo, well another change of plans!! parents r driving down to england on friday and we're stayin in a cottage for the wkend. Woo! But my sister may be in labour!! im well scared for her!! my mum was just chattin to her and she sez shes having pains in her lower back aaahhhh bbaabbiieesss!! i feel really nervous! also my brother is quite ill, so they're worried bout him too! i am, but hes on anti biotics so hopefully that will make him better. This really is a family entry! random!
nehoo gona go and check emails woo! xx
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